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Catalyst® by EBM Software is powerful, cloud-based business performance software that is designed to accelerate your profitability. Reporting, Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting have never been this simple.

Catalyst allows you to easily slice, dice, drill down and pivot enormous amounts of granular data instantaneously to get a complete picture of your business, find anomalies, draw fully-baked insights and make fact-based decisions that positively impact your business.

Analyze and create reporting for any data source, from your financials to big data. Don’t just find anomalies, understand them. Catalyst brings all of your data into one clear view: a simple, app-like interface that serves as a single source of truth and democratizes data for your organization.

MGMT3D will help you integrate Catalyst with your current systems so you can start making game changing insights and revolutionizing your performance.

What is a Data Cube?

MGMT3D Principal John Derus and Vice President Michael Steward Explain what Data Cubes are and how our cubes are different from others.

How Catalyst Makes Your Life Easier

MGMT3D Senior Partner Mike Skillingstad and Principal John Derus talk about how Catalyst expedites day-to-day tasks, giving you more time to focus on the business.