White Glove Due Diligence

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When you’re talking about due diligence, time is money and accuracy is non-negotiable. We saw room for improvement from the status quo in both areas. MGMT3D brings tech-enabled M&A tools that deliver flawless results faster than ever before, easing the sale and purchase process. Our experienced team has been through hundreds of M&A transactions, and can deliver best-in-class fulfillment of any request with speed and accuracy no one else can touch. We are simply the best in the business, bar none.

Sell-Side Due Diligence

Fulfilling the various reporting and data preparation requests during a sale can be difficult without the right tools. We can be your extra hands. Our team combines automation and experience to deliver outstanding results that instill buyer confidence with unbelievable speed.

• Fulfill buy-side data requests in a fraction of the time
• Handling messy/difficult data or data too large for Excel
• Uncover and fix issues early, before you go to market
• Evaluate potential acquirers and transaction structures
• Objective advice on pricing and timing
• Support final execution of transaction

Buy-Side Due Diligence

Get smarter, faster. With our proprietary software and experienced team of analysts, we are able to quickly drill down into the data of a potential acquisition, spot risks and opportunities, and perform any ad hoc requests.

• Advise on transaction structure, pricing & timing
• Analysis on valuation and growth potential
• Assessment of market responses
• Develop solutions for strategic asset management
• Support final execution of transaction


We combine tech-enabled intelligence with veteran financial and IT experience to bring speed, clarity and simplicity to your M&A process.