Simon Hoey-Burns

Advanced Analytics, Operational Advisory, FP&A Support, Portfolio Company Optimization

Simon Hoey-Burns is a Senior Financial Analyst at MGMT3D. He works with portfolio companies to quickly and dynamically analyze their data and uncover insights into the profitability of their operations, customers and product lines. Using next generation BI tools, Simon will test the integrity of the data, analyze the story the data is telling and determining what changes we can introduce to improve this story.

Prior to joining our team, Simon worked at Crowe Horwath (now Crowe LLP) as a Senior Accountant in their Business Advisory Services. He’s a graduate of University of Waikato in New Zealand, where he earned a Bachelor of Management Studies majoring in Accounting and a Post Graduate Diploma of Management Studies, also majoring in Accounting.

Simon is an accomplished table tennis player and has twice represented New Zealand’s men’s national team.

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