David Rogers

Designs and implements Catalyst, CatalystD, & Diligent Products

David is a Development Manager, principally responsible for the design and implementation of our Catalyst, CatalystD, and Diligent Products.

Prior to joining MGMT3D, David worked at Entrust Datacard as part of the Automation Manufacturing Technologies group, assisting in the development of an ERP system that increased manufacturing efficiency by over 250%. He has worked for a wide range of companies in a diverse set of industries, developing software for several non-profit organizations, a medium-sized publicly traded U.S. based firm and a number of other privately owned companies.

David holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from North Dakota State University. He has also spent significant time volunteering and living in Peru and is a fluent Spanish speaker receiving his diploma from FairServices, Cusco Peru.

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