4 Steps to Help Protect Your Business in Unprecedented Times. The coronavirus pandemic has put immense pressure on businesses across just about every industry. With most everything in business and in life, there is some kind of precedent, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this before. No other incident in the modern era has...
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Customer Insight
Stores closings are on a record pace and the retail industry will likely see more brick and mortar store closures this year than ever before. Now more than ever, retailers must keep a close eye on current trends. No one can predict the future, but by closely watching and reacting to consumer trends, you stay...
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Big Data train
Everyone is talking about “Big Data”. Recently, it is a term that is seen everywhere to describe exponential growth, availability, and use of information both structured and non-structured. Perhaps, it can be as simply defined as any amount of data your organization cannot harvest and effectively use with the tools it currently has available. Big...
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