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Quality Assurance, QA Process Development and Oversight, Product Review Lead

Mike is a Quality Assurance Manager at MGMT3D, where he is in charge of building a QA team for the EBM Software suite of products. Mike’s responsibilities include definition and development of EBM QA processes, from concept to delivery. He evaluates technologies and establishes metrics to improve efficiency and support QA functions, and he leads QA teams and product reviews.


Before joining our team, Mike worked for Nerdery, where he was the Quality Assurance Practice Lead. Prior to that, He served in many QA leaderships roles across a wide variety of market segments, including health care, utility, education, banking, retail distribution and many more. Mike has spent his career in Quality Assurance, focusing on making a better customer experience.  He brings his vast knowledge and experience to our team to help drive quality to the next level.