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Diligent Software

Diligent is a unique mergers and acquisitions management system from EBM Software that allows private equity funds, investment banks, accounting firms and acquisitive corporations to quickly and thoroughly perform both buy-side due diligence and sell-side/sale preparation.

Diligent maximizes value on both sides of the transaction by streamlining the M&A process and automating even the most complex due diligence.

Diligent Features:

Secure Web-Portal to manage 1 to N Projects or Portfolio Companies Simultaneously

Multi-User M&A Solution that is scalable to Any Size Aquisition or Portfolio

Automated Due Diligence Reports, Excel & PowerPoint Templates

Dynamic Analytical Cubes to Tear-Apart Even the Most Complex Businesses

Sophisticated, But Easy-to-Use Interface

Robust Operating Plan and 5-Year Modeling Capabilities; Built and Managed by Your Management Team(s) or In-House Analysts

Complete Corporate Performance Management Solution (”CPM”) to maximize Company Performance

Sell-Side Benefits:
  • Speed (Hours/Days vs. Weeks/Months)
  • Reduced Human Error; Improved Accuracy
  • Less Management Team Disruption
  • Robust Analytical Capabilities
  • Bullet-Proof Story Lines
  • Streamlined Updates for New Monthly Data
  • Automated Due Diligence Schedules
Buy-Side Benefits:
  • Speed – Up in Hours, Done in Days
  • Complete Financial, Sales & Margin Due Diligence
  • Automated Schedules and Dynamic Analytics
  • Manage and Store an Infinate Number of Projects
  • Reduced Human Error; Improved Accuracy
  • Operating Plan and 5-Year Modeling Capabilities
MGMT3D Resources:

If you are in need of help with your buy or sell-side diligence project, MGMT3D has experienced resources to help:

Senior Finance Resources:

CFO’s, VP’s of Finance/Controllers, Significant M&A Expertise

Mid-Level Finance Resources:
  • Fortune 500 Backgrounds
  • Numerous M&A Transactions
  • Private Equity
  • Exposure Diligent Experts
Big - 4 Training Financial Analysts