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CatalystD is a specialized version of the Catalyst Corporate Performance Management (”CPM”) software solution designed to provide Private Equity portfolio companies with the analytical, planning/forecasting and reporting tools required by their Financial Sponsors to maximize returns. CatalystD provides the same powerful Catalyst CPM functionality plus additional tools to create expected financial discipline, visibility and accountability.

The system also helps to streamline add-on acquisition integration and sell-side diligence preparation.

CatalystD Features:

Data Warehouse
Consolidates detailed financial and profitability information for even the largest companies into a structured database that is easy to administer with minimal IT involvement.

Dynamic Data Cubes
Best-in-class analytical “Data Cubes” allow companies to slice-and-dice, drill down and pivot enormous amounts of transactional data to identify important insights and make fact-based decisions.

Planning & Forecasting
The dream of planning without Excel is now a reality. Plan or forecast from the top-down, bottom-up or go anywhere in-between. Be confident your estimates have been allocated correctly down to the granularity you need to manage the critical details of your business.

Office Bridge TM
The Office Bridge provides customizable, filterable and updateable Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint Templates that connect directly to the CatalystD Data Warehouse.

Dashboards / Data Visualization
“Pictures are worth a thousand words” and the CatalystD dashboards do not disappoint. Completely customizable and distributable to an unlimited user-base, the dashboards can be deployed via the CatalystD website or through our mobile apps.

Web Reporting
Web-based reports offer a great option for getting information to large groups or ensuring consistency every time. CatalystD comes with a full set of standard financial and profitability reports that users can view on screen, print, download or email as required.

CatalystD Benefits:

The CatalystD portfolio company benefits fall into five categories:


Reduced planning & reporting cycle times
Fewer people and greater value-add


Standardization / “One Version of the Truth”
Accuracy (1+1=2.0000)


Fact-based decision making
Opportunity identification


Detailed planning w/ individual accountability
Critical feedback loop necessary to maintain accountability and improve forecasting


Sustainable cross-functional collaboration