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We have many executives on our team with extensive experience in the food industry and we’ve helped many clients to better understand and maximize the profitability of their food products. We’ve learned that in food manufacturing, forecasting and controlling commodity and ingredient costs are critical for reaching profit objectives. See individual food company case studies below for details.

Here are some examples of how we’ve helped food companies:

  • Provided much-needed item and customer-level cost and profitability information to guide pricing decisions at a time when commodity prices were rapidly rising.
  • Created a real-time link between procurement and sales to ensure the correct buying, production schedules and days of on hand inventory management for working capital optimization.
  • Highlighted where the business was making money and what customers and/or SKU’s should be rationalized to improve margins and cash flow.

Provided accurate commodity forecasting to ensure proactive product pricing and margin management during period of raw material costs volatility.

Food Company Case Studies

Food Services Experts

– to help your business make more money faster.

"Our revenue and profitability have seen double-digit gains in the past two years, and MGMT3D has been an important part of that. They make us much smarter about the way we run our business and enable us to better identify opportunities to grow."

Paul Lapadat

"I would absolutely recommend Catalyst to other finance executives – I can’t imagine running a company without the Catalyst business intelligence and planning tools. It has revolutionized our organization by allowing us to create a bottoms-up budgeting process that gives each of our district offices ownership of their business and their budget."

Rex Clevenger

"MGMT3D provides the tools you need for real-time visibility, allowing you to look through the front window rather than the rearview mirror as you're trying to steer a business. Using their solutions at Best Brands we were able to better understand the profitability of our products, product lines and customers and tie that to business decisions - it was a real enabler for our business turnaround."

G. Scott Humphey